In the Red Tier: Campus opens to students

Almost a year since schools closed, students returned to in-person instruction.


Connor Lassila (sophomore) walks to his next class outside the science building while wearing a mask. Paly requires all students to wear a mask while on campus. Photo: Anya Lassila.

Owen Longstreth

After months of planning, multiple difficult board meetings, and many changes to county health rules,
Paly opened its doors to students on March 9. Campus is open to students Tuesday through Friday, with students split up into two cohorts based on their last names. Masks and social distancing are required and with a large portion of students till in remote
learning, classes still happen over Zoom. Anthro photographers took pictures of this important first week back.

As the name ‘Zoom in the Room’ suggests, students at school still spend much of their time on Zoom. The desks are each equipped with a plastic
divider and spaced out to ensure proper social
distancing. Photo: Karrie Huang
Seniors Neha Joshi, Veronica Brinkley, and Joey
Edmonds, dressed in their characteristic camouflage relax at
a picnic table during their 4th period prep while masked up,
as per school rules. Photo: Anya Lassila.
Staff members help students find their
classes for the first time. Because of distanced learning, all
students back on campus have to readjust to navigating the
Paly campus. Photo: Anya Lassila.
A group of students walk around campus at
lunch. To ensure students stay distanced at all times, arrows
keep the flow of people moving in one direction while
yellow footprints on the ground indicate places to stand that
are six feet apart. Photo: William Rumelhart.
Students need to check in at one of many tents at
all entrances to the campus. This ensures that everyone has
completed the daily health screener. Photo: Anya Lassila