Earth day rally attendees shout “Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go!” as they march down University Avenue to bring awareness of climate change. Dozens of students from neighboring high schools came out to show their support for the event, which featured many youth speakers.

Earth Day rally calls for change

Earth Day march brings activists of many generations
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Students are holding lanterns to recognize Neurodiversity Week on Thursday at Palo Alto Highschool. “I have many friends who are part of the neurodivergent community,” Paly sophomore Mae Cornwell said. “The speakers did a really good job.”

Paly holds a lantern celebration for Neurodiversity Week

Campus acknowledges National Neurodiversity Week with lanterns and a celebration.
Saanvi Garg and Kat Farrell
March 29, 2022
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Reiko Redmonde hands out fliers to protesters at Lytton Plaza on Feb. 14. Redmonde led chants and gave a speech to the crowd. “That is what denying women the right to abortion is — thats female enslavement,” Redmonde said into her megaphone. “Where do you stand on this? We want people to take a stand one way or the other.”

Raging Grannies fight for abortion rights

Local activists demonstrate against the potential loss of reproductive rights
Maya Mukherjee and Karrie Huang
March 3, 2022
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Congressional candidate Ajwang Rading speaks to Palo Alto High School students Wednesday in the Media Arts Center. Rading said he believes in prioritizing the opinions of young people. “The world changes every single day, and its young people, they need to be on that cutting edge of the solutions, because I think they better understand the problems,” Rading said.

Ajwang Rading: Working to break incumbency

Congressional hopeful talks climate change, college debt, how students can get involved
Arati Periyannan and Maya Mukherjee
February 10, 2022
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Students wait in line for free lunches at the Paly cafeteria. “There are some students who are apprehensive [about more plant-based meals] -- they dont want all of the meat options taken away -- and some students are just grateful for the Universal Meals program and they dont really want to alter it,” said junior Margot Blanco. Photo by Neil Rathi.

Students push to get more vegan meals on the school menu

Ash Mehta, Managing Editor
February 6, 2022
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Paly Princess Project Club collects clothes for sexual assault survivors

Paly Princess Project Club collects clothes for sexual assault survivors

Paly Princess Project holds donation drive to help survivors of sexual violence
Arati Periyannan and Maya Mukherjee
January 31, 2022
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Lizzie DeKraai, English teacher 
(Photo by Arati Periyannan)

Verbatim: Students, teachers talk vaccines, booster mandate

County updates vaccine mandate for public schools to be put in place for the fall
Arati Periyannan and Maya Mukherjee
January 25, 2022
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A substitute teacher distributes at-home COVID-19 test kits to students on Wednesday in an AP English Language and Composition class. Rising case numbers and the recent Omicron variant are causing safety concerns among some students and staff members. Junior Anjali Akkaraju said she believes a transition to online learning, though undesirable, is necessary. “I don’t want school to be back online, but I’m just confused why we’re not,” Akkaraju said. “They gave us two rapid tests, which is good because they’re sold out everywhere.”  Photo: Lauren Wong

Campus on edge over omicron, potential for closure

The school community shares their thoughts on omicron and possible distance learning.
Sofie Zalatimo, Lauren Wong, and Olga Muys
January 7, 2022
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Spanish teacher Kevin Duffy sits at his desk during an interview Wednesday with journalism students. Our place is here with our students and it was so hard when we were on Zoom learning, Duffy said. Photo: Anushe Irani.

Teachers reflect on omicron’s implications for the district

Faculty share their concerns about the new variant and their thoughts on potential closure
Ash Mehta and Kat Farell
January 6, 2022
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A student works on a paper with a tutor. Art by Erin Kim.

Working Towards The Dream

DreamCatchers aims to decrease the education gap within the school district
Tyler Wang and Erin Kim
December 3, 2021
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Current Rise Together Education students gather at the fall meet-up in August 2021. Alumnus and co-director Sammy Vasquez says that RTE is working on building a sense of community. “Traversing that whole endeavor [helping alumni post-college] is something we want to accomplish, as well as creating a greater sense of community within all of the students.

Rising out of the pandemic together

Local nonprofit Rise Together Education adapts, expands post-Covid
Arati Periyannan and Maya Mukherjee
December 3, 2021
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