Earth day rally attendees shout “Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go!” as they march down University Avenue to bring awareness of climate change. Dozens of students from neighboring high schools came out to show their support for the event, which featured many youth speakers.
Earth Day rally calls for change
May 3, 2022
Art by Xiaohan Li
The power of picture books
March 31, 2022
Stanford students created a banner protesting Spring rush season at the university. The data shows that the longer youre at Stanford, the more in favor of abolishing and dehousing you are, said Shawn Lee, a member of the Abolish Stanford Greek organization.
Going against Greek
March 30, 2022
A protester holds a sign that reads: Peace & Autonomy for Ukraine. Shes wearing blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Shes currently attending a protest for peace in Ukraine.
6,000 miles away
March 28, 2022
50 years
50 years
March 28, 2022
Kentucky Fried Chicken announces Beyond Meat chicken nuggets which have been available since february across the nation.
Plant-based protein: How do the options stack up?
April 2, 2022
A distressed student sits at her desk and stares at her computer
Hustle harder, harder!
March 29, 2022
Meet Some Anthroids!
Olga Muys
Olga Muys
Staff Writer

Olga (Class of 2022) is a staff writer for Anthro and the Executive Producer for KPLY, the radio and podcasting program in the Incubator class at Palo Alto High School. Her work often focuses on cultural commentary and analysis. When not editing her own podcasts, she is usually found cooking while listening to one.

Ash Mehta
Ash Mehta

Ash (Class of 2023) joined Anthro in sophomore year because they’re very passionate about equality and social justice, and they want a platform to be able to share their views. Also, they absolutely love writing, and felt that Anthro combined both of those interests. When not writing for Anthro, they can be found working on their novel, reading, and playing video games with their sibling.

Karrie Huang
Karrie Huang
Content Editor

Karrie (Class of 2023) joined Anthro to write stories about social issues. On the weekends, she frequents boba places and rides horses.