Upcoming Event: From Orlando to Istanbul, Jan. 5-20


Who: People from all over the world are welcome to show their support and compassion for the victims of both the June Pulse nightclub shooting and a recent mass shooting in Istanbul.

What & Why: A banner was put up in the Pulse nightclub last Friday, January 6th, with the message, “From Orlando to Istanbul: One love. One pulse. One human race.” For the following two weeks, all are invited to stop by the Pulse nightclub and leave messages of compassion and support in order to spread hope in the face of hatred. In the words of organizer Brandon J. Wolf, “a shred of light in the darkness can guide someone to safety.” By leaving notes at Pulse, he hopes that it can become a beacon of hope.

When: This opportunity to leave notes of compassion will last from Friday, January 5th, to Friday, January 20th.

Where: Those interested in showing support for those affected by both acts of violence should visit the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Additional Info: If you are interested in sending a message to Pulse but don’t have the means to go to Orlando, feel free to write a message and mail it to:1912 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

1912 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806