The SJP: New things going on in the Social Justice Pathway



Field trips: Camping Trip to Little Basin (sophomores and juniors)

SJP Speaker Series:

Dr. Marilyn Winkleby- Professor of Medicine and homeless advocate

Carl Wilkins- Aid worker in Rwandan Genocide

Clarence Jones- civil rights lawyer and activist

Judge LaDoris Cordell (ret) – Advocate, lawyer, academic, independent police auditor

Dr. Adam Banks – Stanford Grad School of Ed., Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric


Two new teachers joining the SJP – Mary Sano (History) and Lizzie DeKraai (English)

TOUCHING UP.  Sophomore Sabrina Chan is applying makeup to a piece of paper to practice. This is an essential step in planning out the costume and how the model will look for their fashion show.
photo by Aarti Malhotra

Grade-by-Grade Summary

Sophomores: Junk Couture Fashion Show

Using metaphors to describe their assigned country’s colonial history, the sophomores design their outfits to showcase all they have learned. A fashion show will be held for these students, and a book will be published by the end of the year.

Fashion Show Date: May 8 in the PAC

Juniors: Research Based Project Symposium

Students showcased their projects and conducted workshops such as Privilege Monopoly, Learning About Disability, and Title IX.

Symposium Date: April 25 in the Library

Paly history teacher, Eric Bloom talks to Anthro about the Social Justice Pathway, and things the pathway has done. The students have been involved in many projecs. “When we talk about social justice we really talk about this idea of unheard voices or lesser heard voices.

Seniors: Senior Capstone Project:

This project is a social justice outlook on students’ Advanced Authenticated Research project. They will be presenting their project to members of the community.

Advanced Authentic Research Presentation: May 17

Capstone Presentation: May 21

Senior Nura Mostaghimi talks to Anthro about her Advanced Authentic Research Project. Her project is about social media affecting the mental health of teen asian males. “I conducted a survey at Paly and Gunn, and got 50 responses.” photo by Jonan Pho