A Duveneck Elementary School student adds her leaf to the Unity Tree, which is a Unity Day activity led by Paly Child Development students.

Addressing bias early

Child development program implements anti-bias education at local elementary schools
Ash Mehta, Editor-In-Chief
December 13, 2022
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Congressional candidate Ajwang Rading speaks to Palo Alto High School students Wednesday in the Media Arts Center. Rading said he believes in prioritizing the opinions of young people. “The world changes every single day, and its young people, they need to be on that cutting edge of the solutions, because I think they better understand the problems,” Rading said.

Ajwang Rading: Working to break incumbency

Congressional hopeful talks climate change, college debt, how students can get involved
Arati Periyannan and Maya Mukherjee
February 10, 2022
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