Swastikas and Hate Speech Found in Palo Alto

By Michaela Fogarty

Police are investigating a series of anti-semitic symbols and phrases found on and around the Stanford campus in recent weeks.

The symbols have been repeatedly found on city signs, grocery stores, office buildings, neighborhoods and seven locations on Stanford campus. One of the swastikas was accompanied by the phrase “No Jews allowed.”

Palo Alto Sergeant Wayne Benitez said the poorly drawn oil based symbols that are assumed to be swastikas were first reported on Dec. 24, the first night of Hanukkah. Although the symbols were drawn backwards, the phrase “No Jews allowed” as well as recent spikes in anti-semitism indicate that the similarities are not a coincidence.

This vandalism opposes the resolution made in early December that pledged Palo Alto’s commitment to encouraging diversity and rejecting all forms of hate speech and discrimination. However, the Stanford Campus Police and the Palo Alto Police Department are working hard to stand by this promise as they investigate the vandalism and urge anyone with information about the events  to call 650-329-2413.

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