Staying safe in college

Safety tips for graduating seniors

If you are an upperclassman nervous about the uncertainties of post-high school life, safety is likely on your list of concerns. Whether you plan to be across the Bay, out-of-state, or abroad, staying in a new environment poses safety risks. 

In order to mitigate these risks, here are some tips for post-high school life which can be applied anywhere from classes to internships.


Education Transportation

Many colleges have buses or shuttles that run through campus during the day. Some schools, especially those in big metropolitan areas, provide discounts or free tickets for students on specific train lines or taxi services. For example, the University of Southern California offers free Lyft services for students.  

Many universities offer campus escort services at night and some even run into the next morning. These services can be utilized through apps or websites which makes them extremely accessible. Some schools also offer apps where you can ask for someone to track your location as you get to your destination safely. The type of escort services may depend on the school so be sure to look at your school’s website to see their services and policies. 

Map your Surroundings:

Be sure to locate nearby police and fire departments in case of an emergency. Finding emergency systems, like the blue light system, and phones around campus can also be helpful, especially if you haven’t saved emergency numbers on speed dial. Look for any fire routes and escapes in the dorms, classes, or apartment buildings. If you do find yourself walking alone at night, be sure to know where you are going and avoid dark and unpopulated areas such as parks or alleyways.

Lock Up

Burglary is one of the main crimes on college campuses. Whether it be your bike or laptop, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your belongings. Don’t leave any valuables in your car, especially if it is unlocked. Consider investing in a good bike lock and always be sure to lock the frame of your bike if possible.