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Mayor Lydia Kou poses for an official photo. Kou has served as the mayor of Palo Alto since January 2023. Kous passionate initatives range from environmental impact to the youth and elderly population of Palo Alto. Kou sees her work as mayor as a way to take care of her community. “This is where we play, this is where we live, this is our home.”

The mayor’s mission

New mayor outlines her passionate actions for Palo Alto
Joshua Kao and Madelyn Castro
April 19, 2023
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Local activism roundup

Bay Area community members organize and lead efforts to support causes they are passionate about
Joshua Kao and Lauren Wong
April 19, 2023
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Gavin Lin, freshman

Verbatim: Students react to mass shootings in California

The recent mass shootings are concerning to Paly students
Joshua Kao, Staff Writer
February 16, 2023
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