KitTea Cat Cafe


What’s a better way to destress than drinking tea while petting a cat? Located in San Francisco, KitTea is the Bay Area’s only cat cafe. With its minimalistic room decor and high cat-to-human ratio, KitTea provides a uniquely relaxing experience.

KitTea consists of a cat lounge, full of anywhere from 11 to 13 cats, and unlimited tea refills. Adjacent from the lounge is a more traditional cafe, which provides the ideal peaceful atmosphere to do homework or chat with friends. Reservations are necessary for the main attraction, the cat longue, but you can stop in whenever you please to the tea lounge for a satisfying bite to eat and a beverage. Any food that is available in the tea lounge can also be enjoyed in the cat lounge.

Situated at the front of the establishment, visitors are welcomed by a colorful gift shop featuring a wide range of cat paraphernalia. A plethora of eccentric items line the shelves, varying from t-shirts, socks and pens to “How To Talk To Your Cat About Abstinence” pamphlets.

Although a trip to the city is not always realistic for an after school outing, it makes for a perfect weekend excursion with your best buds. Take a few hours out of your hectic schedule to blissfully cuddle with a cat while sipping on a bottomless pot of warm tea, including a selection of four premium Japanese green teas: Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha and Kukicha.

Not only does KitTea provide a pleasurable and relaxing spot for people, it is also highly beneficial for the cats. KitTea acts as an alternative to the highly stressful and detrimental environment of a regular shelter and cage, which can cause cats to develop hostile personalities.

Instead, all the cats there are free to roam around the business and are treated with the utmost care. KitTea helps cats escape the cruelties of a caged life, and possible euthanasia, as they are re-socialized and patiently await their ideal “forever home.”

Most cats in the cafe are adoptable, so you may have just come for the tea but end up leaving with a new friend.