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Paly's clubs hope to promote awareness and bring students together

Anthro is interested in what new activism clubs Paly has to offer this school year and learning more about what the club’s president’s goals are for their club. We Interviewed them and discover what they hope Paly students may gain from their clubs.


Paly Homeless Community Outreach Club – Nathan Pazmino

Nathan Pazmino, senior

“We hope to get the Paly student body engaged in helping the local homeless community in small and specific ways. Our purpose is to provide a low-commitment option for Paly students who want to do outreach but are unsure where to start.”

— senior Nathan Pazmino, club president

South Asian Student Union – Priya Gupta & Riya De Datta

“The purpose of our club is to bring together South Asian, and also non-South Asian, students together in a supporting community. We want people to feel like they have a place where they can understand/express themselves better, or express a side of themselves they’re not able to in other situations. Also, we just want to have fun bonding over movies and snacks.”

         — senior Priya Gupta, club president

Latinos Unidos Club – Betsabe Ramos & Katelyn Morales 

Katelyn Morales, junior

“We want the student body to be more aware of the different cultures on campus. We have events to make sure that people know about our special holidays. We just really want to make sure that people gain cultural awareness.” 

— junior Katelyn Morales, club vice president

Indigenous Peoples Club – William Barney

“To spread awareness of the underrepresentation and mistreatment many indigenous tribes face on a daily basis. If there was one thing I could do to make Paly a better place, it would be to, at the very least, teach students about the beauty and complexity of the culture and history, as well as promote curiosity about indigenous peoples among students.”

                                                                     – senior William Barney, club president

Democracy Club – Andy Robinson

“We will look at specific issues including the prevalence of money in politics, media literacy, and other issues. I hope that students will come away from the club more intellectually curious about the government and the state of affairs, and understand the various systemic challenges that our nation faces in order to become truly representative of the people.”

     — senior Andy Robinson, club president

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