Students wait in line for free lunches at the Paly cafeteria. “There are some students who are apprehensive [about more plant-based meals] -- they dont want all of the meat options taken away -- and some students are just grateful for the Universal Meals program and they dont really want to alter it,” said junior Margot Blanco. Photo by Neil Rathi.

Students push to get more vegan meals on the school menu

Ash Mehta, Managing Editor
February 6, 2022
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Senior Ronak Momga picks up a free meal from the cafeteria during the lunch period. Students are expressing their overall content with the new statewide free lunch program, despite a few complaints regarding the actual food. The impact of the program on lower-income students is proving to be a significant aspect of the free lunches. “Even though it [the free lunch program] is not the best, I’m happy with it,” junior Audrey Guo said.

New free lunch program directly impacts low-income students

Students and staff give their opinions on the new California mandate for free meals.
Leena Hussein and Lauren Wong
October 8, 2021
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